Hyper 14 – 4G intensifier tube

Hyper 14, Night vision monocular –  the next evolution in night vision tech, featuring the 4G intens night vision intensifier tube from photonis.



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– 4G Intens™ Night Vision Intensifier tube from Photonis in green or white phosphor
– Hyper upper monocular exoskeleton housing made of precision machined aluminum
Universal Ether™ Eye Piece
– Hybrid design eyepiece reduces weight by 30-50% with improved performance. Forgiving eyebox, customizable one-time adjustment and adaptive design reduces user/wear fatigue as well as decreases stowage/carry weight when not in operational use on helmet.
-Limited diopter travel supports typical operational requirements. Corrected to nominal operational settings (user adjusted) removes unwanted optical and mechanical mass for uncorrected user vision.


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