Sighting in The Reap IR

Recently, before a night hunt for wild pigs, we took some time to make sure our Reap IR was sighted in properly. The best way to do this, is to staple some hand warmers (we use hot hands) to your target. The Thermal will pick up the heat emitted by the hand warmers, making for an easy target. Sighting in the Reap IR isn’t hard, and should only take 15-20 minutes. Once sighted in, go have a good hunt and light up the night!


Info on the Reap IR:

The REAP IR is a great user friendly thermal. This thermal is waterproof and has a large thumb stick for easy to use in total darkness. Equipped with a 20x digital zoom and 12 degree field of view a display resolution of 640X480. A couple of features that are on the REAP are white hot or black hot, Stadiametric rangefinder, edge detection and more. This unit will make a great additional to your personal collection and it will not let you down.