Adventures in Night Vision

  Here are some highlights of our recent night vision adventures! We can help get you outfitted with the best in night vision. Gear used in this video was the PVS 14 and PVS 14 white phosphorus. Book your night vision with us today!

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Sighting in The Reap IR

Recently, before a night hunt for wild pigs, we took some time to make sure our Reap IR was sighted in properly. The best way to do this, is to staple some hand warmers (we use hot hands) to your target. The Thermal will pick … Continued

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River Hunting at Night

Recently, some of the Night Vision Rentals team went predator hunting down the Verdigris River in Oklahoma. We were using duel PVS-14s and the Pulsar Core FXQ38 for spotting. We launched our boat around 10pm and made our way down the river, stopping periodically to call … Continued

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Montana Night Fishing

We recently served up some midnight snacks for some big ol’ Montana trout! Night vision helped out tremendously in our trip. This was a guided trip, and we were only going after the big boys. Two nights of fly fishing with a mouse fly lure … Continued

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When to Rent a Thermal Camera

Thermal camera rentals are a great way to get stuff done. With a quality thermal camera such as the FLIR E40 or FLIR E60, you can: Check for moisture levels and leaks behind walls in your home Take care of electrical and mechanical maintenance Detect … Continued

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The REAP-IR Thermal Scope

IR Defense’s REAP-IR Recently released at the 2016 Shot Show, the REAP-IR is the ultimate performance for a thermal scope. It features OLED display, so the image quality is the best out there with a 640×480 resolution 12um micron LWIR thermal core. The REAP-IR weighs … Continued

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Is the Astro Scope Right for You?

Is the Astro Scope Right for You? If you’re looking for a high resolution and high quality nighttime camera and you already have a day scope and Sony camcorder or camera, the Astro Scope night vision module is your best bet. Models such as the Sofradir … Continued

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Looking for a Thermal Vision Camera? |FLIR E40 and FLIR E60

Looking for a Thermal Vision Camera? Why FLIR E40 and FLIR E60 Should Be Your Pick   You can buy a thermal vision camera in a variety of price points, but there is a reason why the FLIR E40 and FLIR E60 are the picks … Continued

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For Zero Light, Look for the NiteSite Wolf

If you want to hunt, you’re probably going to be heading well away from city lights in order to do so – and that means you needThe NiteSite WOLF™ in your gear kit. Most animals go out of their way to avoid populated areas and … Continued

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What to Consider When Looking into Renting a Night Vision Camera

If you’re thinking of a night vision camera, you may have already