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Below is a map of all of the US cities we’ve rented or sold night vision to. Night Vision Rentals is an American company that only operates in the USA, damn right.

Rented For These Tasks:

Department of Wildlife Game Management. Spacecraft Shuttle Recovery. Retrieving Lobster Traps. Boating. HogHunting. Horseback Riding. UFO Sightings. Night Driving. Cannonball Run. Helicopter Hunting. CaptureThe Flag. Coyote Hunting. Night Skiing. Government Training. Mislim Events. Watercraft Surveillance. Private Investigating. Infrared Light Experiments. Border Patrol. Television Production. Police Training. Removing Wildlife from Attic. Endangered Bat Surveillance. Alligator Spotting. Finding Missing Pets. Rock Climbing. Whale Watching. Event Hosting. Night Fishing. Hiking. Camping. Photography. Bigfoot Sightings